Who We Are?

Who We Are?

Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organisation is registered under society name as “Sant Girdharanand Paramhans Sant Ashram” with the competent authorities of Indian Government under Registration No: 1895/S/1992. The organisation is also popularly known as “Sahib Bandgi Sant Ashram”.

Since establishment in the year 1992, Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organisation has undergone with quite a wide expansion within such a short period of time. Throughout its growth the organisation has managed to maintain its original principles and adhere to its original purpose.

Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organisation is purely a non-profitable organisation with no affiliation whatsoever to any commercial organisation as well as to any political organisation, around the world. “Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Sahib” endearingly called as "Sahib Ji" with His ultimate spiritual powers inspires an individual's soul to follow the path of Satya Bhakti.

Today, there are hundred of thousands of devotees around the world who came under Sahib Ji’s ideological fold and have been blessed with real “Alive Holy Name” (Saar Naam). Sahib Ji has revolutionised both the religious and spiritual society with His spiritual powers by changing the sensorium of the blessed devotee’s.



Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Sahib's vision revealed all the hidden secrets/mysteries related to Body, Mind, Soul, Universe, 5 Elements, God, Sargun Bhakti, Nirgun Bhakti and Satya Bhakti. His discourses are so simple in their expression but, so profound in meaning that it directly awakens an individual’s soul by making him/her realise about the real motive of human life.

In reality, Sahib Ji directly liberates an individual's Soul from the clutches of Formless Mind (Nirakaar Mann / Niranjan) by the power of "Alive Holy Name" which lead to permanent salvation of a Soul from the net of Karmas and from the endless cycle of Birth and Death.

Sahib Ji is committed towards breaking each and every falsehood related with Supreme Lord, Satya Bhakti, Sant, Satguru, SantMat, Saar Naam and Moksha.