Satguru Ideology

Satguru Ideology


The Amarlok of Satguru is altogether different from the creation of Trilok.


The philosophy of “SantMat” and “Saints” is beyond the limits of Sargun and Nirgun modes of worship, which is totally based on true self-realisation. The complete ideology of SantMat revolves around a real "SATGURU" (Perfect Spiritual Master) only and has no dependence onto any kind of manuscripts / religious scriptures.

The word “Satguru” firstly came into existence from the spiritual ideology of “Sant Samrat Satguru Kabir Sahib”.

Kabir Sahib was the very first "Sant Satguru" in the history of mankind who placed Guru (i.e. in SantMat word Guru is referred as Satguru) onto much higher platform as compared to God and declared that “Guru is greater than God”. Neither any saint nor any religious scripture ever challenged to declare a Guru being greater than God. There was a positive reasoning behind such a bold statement, which Kabir Sahib described in His sayings.

In today’s world, people are fighting to establish their own individuality and rituals due to selfish motive and lack of true spiritual awareness.

Sahib Ji says that this universe (trilok) belongs to "Kaal Niranjan" (Kaal Purush), who itself resides in every living being as 'formless mind'. Kaal Niranjan resides in 'shunya' (sky/space/vacuum) from where he is Generating, Operating and Destructing the whole universe. The whole universe is worshiping Kaal Niranjan (formless mind) in one way or the other by considering him as their Supreme Lord (true Saviour) who created all the entanglements for each individual soul. Formless Mind is the closest enemy of every human being and is the only barrier between a Soul and Satguru (Perfect Spiritual Master) because, formless mind is absolutely aware of the fact that, only a real Satguru holds the power and authority to liberate each individual's Soul from the endless cycle of birth-death. Sahib Ji has always encouraged people to worship only Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib) who is immortal and is present into the concentration (soul) of every human being. But, without getting blessed up by a real Satguru with real 'Alive Holy Name' (Saar Naam / Sajeevan Naam) related to Supreme Lord, a Soul cannot liberate itself from the trap of formless mind and body. The existence of Supreme Lord is far beyond from the reach of any religion, religious scriptures and religious rituals. Sahib Ji says that only a real Satguru knows about the real identity of Supreme Lord (Param Purush / Sahib) who is neither have any Form (Sakaar) nor is he Formless (Nirakaar).

The ideology of SantMat explains the importance of the Perfect Spiritual Master (Satguru) from whom one can understand the Ultimate Truth of Life and can easily attain permanent salvation from the endless cycle of birth and death, only with His Grace (as getting blessed with real bodiless 'Alive Holy Name' which does not comes under reading, writing or speaking. "Alive Holy Name" (Sajeevan Naam) which Satguru Kabir Sahib and other Holy Saints talked about is not at all the subject of speakable words or sentence. It is not available into any religious scripture or manuscripts. It is only available to a real living Satguru who has the complete authorisation to transmit the "Alive Holy Name" into the sensorium of any individual human being through His "Paaras Surati".

Sahib Bandgi Spiritual Organisation has brought a scientific revolution in the world of spiritualism. The organisation is totally based onto the principles of Satya Bhakti which completely revolves around a living Satguru - “Sant Satguru Madhu Paramhans Sahib ” (Sahib Ji) who Himself is in absolute uniformity with Supreme Lord.

Sahib Ji has the realisation of Amarlok (4th Lok), which itself is the real abode of "Supreme Lord" (Param Purush / Sahib). Sahib Ji has revealed all the secrets related to Formless Mind, Human Body, Creation of Universe, Modes of Worship, Religions, Niranjan, Soul, Hansa, Supreme Lord, Amarlok, Trilok, Salvation and many more hidden mysteries which are unknown to the humanity

The five major things which Sahib Bandgi spiritual organisation has revealed as per the true "Satguru Ideology" are mentioned below:  

1. This is the world of Kaal Niranjan (Mind) and he rules over the universe.

2. Yogis have to struggle really hard to reach up to the abode of Niranjan (i.e. Shunya - the 14th lok, which is present in every human-being). In Veda's Niranjan is being referred as Nirakaar, Aad Niranjan, Onkaar, Paar-Brahm, Nirgun Brahm etc.

3. Rishi, Muni, Siddh, Saadhak, Peer, Paegambar, Yogi, Gunn, Gandharv etc had reached up to the 14th Lok (Shunya) only, but all failed to attain permanent salvation from the circle of birth and death i.e. could not escape from the territory of Niranjan (Kaal Purush - Mind).

4. Beyond "Shunya" there is the creation of "Maha-Shunya". In Maha-Shunya there are 7 Lok's where no articles exists. These 7 Lok's are :

1. Achint lok, 2. Sohang lok, 3. Mool-Surti lok, 4. Ankur lok, 5. Ichha lok, 6. Vani lok and 7. Sahaj lok. All 21 Lok's (i.e. 14 Lok's up to Shunya plus 7 Lok's of Maha-Shunya) up to Sahaj Lok comes under great dissolution.

5. The Soul (Aatma - also called as Hansa) has descended into this universe from Amarlok. Amarlok is immortal and never comes under any dissolution. There is no 5 elements (water, fire, air, earth, sky), no cosmos (sun, moon, star, planets), no gender (male, female), no time (day, night, period, phase, era), no secondary God (Niranjan, Adhya Shakti, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv), no birth-death, no punishments, etc. into Amarlok.



Without the Grace of a real living Satguru, a Soul can never be able to attain permanent liberation from the clutches of formless mind and body.